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Established in late 2015, TTA is the first polyester spinning and texturizing production plant in Guatemala and the first to produce recycled yarn from PET bottles throughout Central America.

EcoFIL® recycled yarn is made from EuroPET® recycled resin, which is produced in Guatemala from 100% post‐consumer bottles; the post‐consumer PET bottles has been collected through a network of small entrepreneurs in distant communities in rural and urban areas of Guatemala. Many of these places are rivers, lakes, forests and slopes where clandestine waste dumps have proliferated, thus rescuing the purity of our nature.

Through the use of EcoFIL®, the brands have the opportunity to collaborate with the SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and ECONOMIC development of Guatemala and the World; because, 1.0 kg of our recycled yarn equals 47 PET bottles (600 ml), being an ecological solution for the reuse of the containers.

EcoFIL® yarn is certified by SCS Global Services about the content of recycled post‐consumer polyester.

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Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY)
made with state of the art technology, from 100% post-consumer PET bottles.

1 Kilogram of recycled polyester yarn of the highest quality equals 47 PET bottles (600ml).

We offer CAFTA DTY with different and flexible options:

We offer CAFTA DTY with different and flexible options:

Villa Nueva, Guatemala
Phone: (502) 6644-2421 FAX: 6644-2217
Information: ventas@ecofil.com.gt

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